With the Dante AV family we have a comprehensive suite of solutions that expands the market opportunity for OEMs and gives end users more flexibility to select a Dante AV solution that meets their application and budget. Select from high performance solutions where low latency and ultra high-quality video matters to cost effective, software-based solutions that deliver quality and flexibility.

From the high resolution, super low-latency Dante AV Ultra module and design set to Dante AV‑H for H.26x, all Dante products share a common control plane and management system – including all audio devices.

Dante AV Product Design Suite

The optional Dante AV Product Design Suite is a complete, turnkey AV-over-IP endpoint product design which incorporates the Dante AV Module. It consists of a comprehensive set of documents and software to deliver complete, fully interoperable AV products quickly and reliably. It includes schematics and even a complete bill of materials so you can begin creating your next product right away.

The Dante AV Product Design Suite incorporates an implementation of the popular JPEG2000 codec, which delivers visually perfect results at 4K60 with low latency. Products designed with the Suite may be configured to encode or decode via simple software selection. The Dante AV Product Design can be easily customized to suit an OEM’s specific requirements and provide competitive differentiation.