Building upon the success of its industry-recognized customer service and systems design, Shepherd Multimedia, Inc. is now taking the next step in its evolutionary growth.

As part of its ongoing mission to provide partners and customers with value-added solutions, Shepherd Multimedia, Inc. offers products across the Audio-Video-Lighting spectrum. This is especially true for LED Video Walls and Audio equipment.

Shepherd Multimedia, Inc.’s President and CEO Chris Black notes that the market is calling for a strong leader in the AVL industry who can help customers make the right decision on products that are right for the customer in their particular life cycle.

“Clients, especially in the HoW space, tend to NOT have people who are full-time technical people or are knowledgeable about the kinds of possible technological solutions that are available now. Most people want to find a quick solution, hoping that a square peg can fit into their round situation. Most AVL people know that’s not the case. So, what we must do is be able to listen to our customer’s needs, have the knowledge to interpret their concerns, and then provide a solution that fits within their budget, solve their problem, and causes us not to have to run back and forth to the customer’s location because what we suggested, sold, or designed wasn’t right for the end-client.”

“Essentially, Shepherd Multimedia, Inc. wants to be the end-to-end solution for our clients. Meaning when you call or go online, Shepherd Multimedia, Inc. can help you bring your technological visions to life. Or we help you buy that one item you need to get your service back up and running. So, whether it’s audio, video, lighting, and/or networking products, Shepherd Multimedia, Inc. now provides the products that keep you modern and help you look good.”

“When it comes to things like audio products where manufacturers like Shure are having chip issues in some of their more popular products, Shepherd Multimedia, Inc. helps customers navigate through the options that exist when lead times are long, and customers don’t know all of the makes of models that they could invest in.”

Shepherd Multimedia, Inc. is making it easier to find audio, video, lighting, and network solutions through the newly revamped website, with more features to come for contractors.